Why Olivhealth

Olivhealth was developed after a study was made on “raising the awareness of the health benefits of organic extra virgin olive oil made from age old olive trees”. We found that it was able to meet the parameters for health claims for foods set by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

Farming culture and knowledge from the past meets with technology and science to confirm the health properties of this oil only obtained from an ancient olive tree variety which is the most representative of this territory, the Ogliarola Salentina.

The close collaboration of Olivhealth with people in the educational and research field, moreover, allows the professionals of the future to look at the world of olive oil from a different perspective.

“From the same olive we can obtain different oils, the first of them is obtained from the green olive when it has not yet started the maturation process: this one is the most pleasant”

Pliny the Elder
from “Naturalis Historia”

Harvest and processing

Olivhealth starts in the heart of the “Plain of age-old olive trees” in Apulia and, precisely, from 455 monumental olive trees run under an “Organic Farming” regime.

The average load of olives picked per plant is far less than the quantities obtained in the surrounding territory. This is because from the start of the first studies we decided to promote “quality” over “quantity”. Straight after the harvest, in approximately 2 hours the fruits are transported to the olive-press, which during this time is exclusively used to produce Olivhealth oil. The pressing rigorously follows the cold extraction process.

Nutritional characteristics

Olive oil has always been known as a product that brings beneficial effects to the body. The EFSA, European Food Safety Authority, (Reg. Ue 432/2012), has set out specific rules regarding “health claims allowed on foods”, hence, olive oil has the following health claims proven by chemical analysis.:

High in unsaturated fats

  • – The olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.
  • – source of Vitamin E

High in polyphenols

  • a Olivhealth

    6,48 mg/20 g

Source of Vitamin E

  • a Olivhealth

    4,06 mg/20 g

Omega 3

  • a Olivhealth

    0,71 g/100 g

“Analysing the results of various studies on southern Italy and Crete’s population, I noticed that the centenarians are particularly frequent among farmers, whose breakfast is often made up of only a glass of olive oil”

Ancel Keys, American biologist and physicist,
scientific researcher and main promoter of the “Mediterranean Diet”

Why Olivhealth



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