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“Finally, you can drink olive oil every day without worrying about where it comes from and with the guarantee that it has absolutely no trace of pesticides. Also, Olivhealth’s ability to fight oxidative stress is excellent, and athletes do produce really high levels of stress.”

Cristina Chiuso
Ex Captain of the Italian national swimming team

“Oxidative stress” is a condition caused by the excessive production of free radicals by our organism, and their excess has severe consequences on our health, advancing the ageing of the skin, development of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, and cell damage.

One of the causes of oxidative stress is intense physical activity, in addition to extended exposure to sunlight, incorrect diet, and unhealthy lifestyles.

Olivhealth, thanks to its content of 3,42 mg of alpha-tocophenol (Vitamin E) per monodose, guarantees high protection of the body’s cells from oxidative stress, far exceeding the minimum values required by the EFSA(European Food Safety Authority).

The ancient trees from which Olivhealth begins have overcome difficulties and extreme situations through the centuries, reacting to the adversities with the production of antioxidants as a defence mechanism. Still today, these silent giants constantly fight to give us their precious “juice of the olive fruits”.

A thousand year old history of resistance and reaction that sustains the athlete in every performance, in this way naturally creating maximum energy.

The practical Olivhealth monodose allows you to have the product within reach at every moment of the day, from meal times at home to sports events, from retreats to phases of training.

An ideal travelmate, healthy, and nutraceutical, which guarantees the maximum quality in the right dose, in addition to being free from any trace of pesticides, and with a precise and traceable origin.

Visit the map of “traceability” and imagine how nice it would be to run through the olive groves that gave life to Olivhealth. In this way you will give yourself a charge of Energy, well-being, and health.

Why Olivhealth

Healthy properties

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Olive oil’s benefits for Sport

Olivehealth is a product that offers great guarantees of quality: an important energy contribution and vitamin E. That’s a really fundamental for our nutritional balance I feel the pleasure to recommend its use because Olivhealth is also very tasty. I told you about a high quality product, well described in all of its informative material. After all, these are the information that all the sportsmen search in every food.

Gianluca Ferro
Sportsman and maratoneta

The right dose of Olivhealth gives you health benefits, and in the case of athletes can boost their performances.
For medium size men, the preferred average is at least 3 doses of 10ml per day, to take with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
In the case of sports people, the doses can vary depending on the energy required and the balance with the other macronutrients.

Recipes for Sport

With the help of chef Antonio Marraffa, Olivhealth thought up some simple recipes for Sport.

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14 10m l’s monodoses
of EVO oil
for your daily well-being.

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Pregnant women

Source of polyphenols, omega-3 and Vitamin E

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Natural Energy and a healthy diet

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Fight oxidative stress with the right daily dose

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