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Today, diet is the right ally to help us maintain a good state of health and, with a correct diet regime, even prevent ailments.

Olivhealth is an organic extra virgin olive oil recognised as nutraceutical, that is a food which can have a beneficial effect on our health.

Keeping fit and improving your health with Olivhealth oil, means undertaking the way of “preventive medicine” which uses medicines only when the disease is in an advanced state.

Oxidative stress is the cause of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Indeed, among the other causes we find the excessive and extended use of drugs. For this reason, it’s of vital importance to chose a correct diet that looks carefully at the quality of food and its nutritional values.

Olivhealth puts together the right dose of oil per meal with high quality and nutraceutical properties, not forgetting the handiness of the monodose’s use in every moment of the day.

A nutraceutical oil such as Olivhealth, plays a key role in maintaining the right glycemic balance in the blood, in addition to giving a starting point for the synthesis of many hormones, and a supply of polyphenols and Vitamin E.

Chose your well-being, chose Olivhealth.

Why Olivhealth

Healthy properties

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Olive oil’s benefits for Well-being

“After the mother’s milk there’s extra virgin olive oil”. This is one of the sentences more used by the wise farmers of Puglia, because of how the most important product of the Mediterranean Diet is not just a food, but it guards from millennia nutritional benefits for the care of the soul and the body. That’s a precious “olive juice”, a friend of healthy eating for a correct lifestyle that starts from the table.
Cosimo Damiano Guarini
Agronomist, writer and founder of Olivhealth

The benefits of oil, in its dietary to cosmetic use, have been known since ancient times.
Thus Olivhealth wants to put together tradition and innovation, to introduce you to a unique oil that has its roots in the history of the millennial olive trees.
We wanted to tell you about the origin of the oil to help you discover the territory and its life-styles, and so to experience at its best the flavours and benefits of a healthy and uncontaminated environment.

Recipes for Well-being

With the help of chef Antonio Marraffa, Olivhealth thought up some simple recipes for Well-being.

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14 10m l’s monodoses
of EVO oil
for your daily well-being.

Olivhealth news

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Pregnant women

Source of polyphenols, omega-3 and Vitamin E

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Natural Energy and a healthy diet

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Fight oxidative stress with the right daily dose

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Organic and Nutraceutical

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